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Battery Storage Systems

A battery storage system is to store your own solar energy produced during the sunlight hours and automatically used during the night or when sun is unavailable.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panels?

With advancements in solar energy technology, the cost of solar panels has fallen drastically over the last few years. In the table below, you can see the breakdown of average prices of solar panels

Cost of Solar Panels per kW System in the Australia

Generally, the more electricity your system can generate, the higher the initial installation cost 

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Costs in the Australia

The estimated costs of solar panels mentioned in the quote are typically what you can expect based on the system you choose. However, the cost of installing solar panels for your specific home will depend on the following factors:

1. System Size

For a suitable system size to meet your current energy needs, we’ll need your last few electric bills of the property where proposed system is getting installed. Size of the system will be discussed with you at this step.

2. Type of Panels

There are two main types of solar panels currently available in the market. The P-type and the N-type. N-type offers better efficiency under low light and extreme weather conditions as compared to P-type.

3. Installation Process

Once the quote is accepted and cooling off period is elapsed, then we will schedule your installation with our installer. A mutually agreed date will be discussed for the installation.

After the installation of the system, installer will go through few steps with you to check your system production and monitoring (if any smart meter/CT was installed).

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