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Switchboard Upgrades


Every building with electricity has a switchboard, which is a central board that helps direct electricity around the property. Its main job is to send electrical current from the main supply to whatever area in your home or business that needs it e.g. when you turn on your bedroom light, your switchboard is the one who sends electricity to ensure your light turns on.


A switchboard upgrade is when your current switchboard is upgraded to allow for more electrical current or to cater for a higher electrical demand.


There is a range of reasons as to why your switchboard may need upgrading, but the big one is safety. If your switchboard isn’t the appropriate size or is too old, this can cause electrical overload or constant tripping, which are both safety hazards. If this is happening, or you don’t think your switchboard is acting like it should get an electrician in to complete switchboard testing to be sure. They will let you know if an upgrade is necessary and, if not, other suggestions to ensure the safety of you and those around you. A few other reasons that should prompt you to consider a switchboard upgrade include:

  • Legislation: A lot of older switchboards are not compliant with current regulations and/or legislation.
  • Smart Meters: A lot of smart meters require newer switchboards to work properly.
  • Solar: If you want to install solar power in your home, a lot of solar systems require newer switchboards to run effectively.
  • Safety Switches: Most newer switchboards have inbuilt safety switches, which makes them less of a shock risk as well as less of a fire risk.
  • Fuses: As newer switchboards are more appropriately designed for electrical workloads that we experience now, as opposed to 10+ years ago, this results in less chance of your fuses blowing.
  • Overload: As newer switchboards are designed for the increased electrical workloads of the modern home or workplace this results a reduced chance of your switchboard overloading.
  • Tripping: Your upgraded switchboard is able to manage the electricity load much more effectively this results in less chance of your circuit breakers tripping.

With your switchboard being the crucial part of safe electrical currency flow, it is super important for it to be working effectively 100% of the time. Issues with your switchboard can have ongoing problems, from being a higher fire risk to your power cutting out on a regular basis, so keeping on top of your switchboard needs is key to electrical safety in a building.

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